Your CD, DVD or Vinyl record from Eldorado Media
Since 1994 ELDORADO Ton-, Bild & Datenträger GmbH has been offering
customers a complete manufacturing of records and vinyl pressings,
CD duplication and CD pressing, DVD pressing to CD manufacture with
special packaging, as well as special packaging for vinyl records.
One-off customised production of a vinyl record is also possible.
This considered a very special service, alongside CD, DVD and
vinyl production. Here you have the possibility of saving your diverse rarities
from your archieve onto a vinyl disc. We offer download cards in different varieties.
Together with our web hosting you can use our download cards as an exclusive alternative
to your CD and vinyl release. Your digital content could be saved quick on computers and smartphones of your fans and clients.
A unique product, especially geared towards promotional activities, is our
"5inch record", our 5"-mini-single.
Also special sound storage media like the Picture Disc and splattered vinyl as well as colored
vinyl and multicoloured vinyl with LP cover can be manufactured by Eldorado Media.
Old school cassette tapes are another brick in the program of Eldorado.
We manufacture for customers from the music and film industries, advertisers, publicists,
industry and book publishers.
Our strength lies in our extensive and individual advisory service.
This of course includes the realisation of special customer wishes.
Whether it is to be a golden disc, business card CD or vinyl record, speed and high flexibility as well as top-quality reliability and professional advice are inseparable for us.