Presets for the print:

Colour mode::
CMYK or grey scale

Special colours:
Pantone Solid Coated C

Ink coverage:
The sum of all colours may not exceed 320%; LP labels: 280%

Colour profile:
FOGRA ISO 39 coated

For full colour and gray scale pictures: 300 dpi; line graphics (bitmaps): 1200 dpi

If transparencies are used please set them to a medium resolution for transparency reduction.

Please embed fonts into the PDF. Alternatively you can convert them into paths.

Tonal range:
The tonal range of each colour should be between 10 % and 90 % coverage. Higher settings might cause the colours to disperse and lower settings might cause break offs.

Download specifications

CD Booklet 4-seitig - 4-sided.pdf
CD Booklet 8-seitig ausgeschossen - 8-sided double-sided sequence.pdf
CD Booklet 12-seitig ausgeschossen - 12-sided double-sided sequence.pdf
CD Covercard 2-seitig - 2-sided.pdf
CD Digifile 4-seitig - 4-sided.pdf
CD Digifile 6-seitig CD Mitte - 6-sided CD middle.pdf
CD Digifile 6-seitig CD rechts - 6-sided CD right.pdf
CD Digipak 4-seitig - 4-sided.pdf
CD Digipak 4-seitig Schlitz - 4-sided die-cut slot.pdf
CD Digipak 6-seitig Tray mitte - 6-sided Tray middle.pdf
CD Digipak 6-seitig Tray rechts - 6-sided Tray right.pdf
CD Digisleeve 4-seitig 1 sleeve - 4-sided.pdf
CD Digisleeve 4-seitig 2 sleeves - 4-sided.pdf
CD Inlaycard.pdf
CD Label 3inch_8cm.pdf
CD Label 5inch_12cm.pdf
CD Leporello 6-seitig Lepo - 6-sided Z.pdf
CD Leporello 6-seitig Wickel - 6-sided Wrap.pdf
CD Leporello 8-seitig Lepo - 8-sided Z.pdf
CD Leporello 8-seitig Wickel - 8-sided Wrap.pdf
CD Maxicard 1 Flap.pdf
CD Maxicard.pdf
CD Stecktasche Öffnung oben - Cardboard sleeve o above.pdf
CD Stecktasche Öffnung rechts - Cardboard sleeve O right.pdf

DVD Booklet.pdf
DVD Digipak 4-seitig - 4-sided.pdf
DVD Digipak 4-seitig Schlitz - 4-sided die-cut slot.pdf
DVD Digipak 6-seitig - 6-sided.pdf
DVD Digipak 6-seitig Schlitz - 6-sided die-cut slot.pdf
DVD Inlay.pdf
DVD/CD Label 5inch_12cm.pdf

5inch Mini-Single Etiketten - 5inch mini single labels.pdf
7inch Single Cover Mittellöcher - center holes.pdf
7inch Single Cover Übergröße - Oversize.pdf
7inch Single Cover.pdf
7inch Single Etiketten - Single labels.pdf
7inch Single Folder Übergröße - oversize.pdf
7inch Single Folder.pdf
7inch Single Klappcover - gatefold.pdf
10inch Einleger - 10inch insert.pdf
10inch Etiketten - 10inch labels.pdf
10inch Folder.pdf
10inch Klappcover - gatefold.pdf
10inch Picture-Disc-Etiketten - 10inch picture disc labels.pdf
10inch-Cover ohne Rücken - 10inch sleeve without spine.pdf
10inch-Kastentasche - 10inch standard sleeve.pdf
Graphic Vinyl 5inch.pdf
Graphic Vinyl 7inch.pdf
Graphic Vinyl 10inch.pdf
Graphic Vinyl 12inch.pdf
LP Einleger - LP insert.pdf
LP Etiketten - LP labels.pdf
LP Innenhülle Öffnung oben - Inner sleeve opening above.pdf
LP Innenhülle Öffnung rechts - Inner sleeve opening right.pdf
LP Kastentasche - LP standard sleeve.pdf
LP-Kastentasche 4mm – LP standard sleeve 4mm spine.pdf
LP Klappcover - LP gatefold - 1 - 2 LPs.pdf
LP Klappcover - LP gatefold - 3 - 4 LPs.pdf
LP Picture-Disc-Etiketten - LP picture disc labels.pdf
LP Schuber (3 LPs) - LP slipcase (3 LPs).pdf
Maxistecktasche Ö oben - Discobag O above.pdf
Maxistecktasche Ö rechts - Discobag O right.pdf