Company profile

ELDORADO Ton-, Bild & Datenträger GmbH has been offering customers a complete manufacturing service of analogue and digital media since 1994. We manufacture for customers in the music and film branches, advertisers, industry and book publishing. reliability and professional advice are for us inseparable.


Blue Rose Rec., BMG, BHW, BMW-Mini Cooper, Big Dipper Records, Bungalow, Canon, City Slang, Combat Rock, Compost Rec., Escalator Rec./Japan, EVONIK, Fullsteam Rec., Fysisk Format, Glitterhouse Rec., Grappa Musikforlag, Hennes und Mauritz, Hensel, Heptown Rec., HUGO BOSS, Hypertensions Records, IBM, Jansen plateprodk., Jazzland Recordings, Jazzy Sports/Japan, Johanna Kustannus, Karmakosmetix Records, Lasse Marhaug, PUMA, Massacre Records, Missing Vinyl, Moskito Promotion, Motorola, Musikkoperatorene, Plastic Strip Press, Propeller Recordings, Supersounds, Strype Audio, Trumph Med., Unique Club Rec., Universal Music, Ván Rec., Vinyl On Demand, Left Ear Records, Clostridium Records, Edition Telemark, Private Records, Auf Abwegen Records, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and many other Independent labels and organisations.