The audio CD is still the standard medium for music production. Thanks to our year-long experience in CD production, we are well-positioned to help support your creative output. We can also provide creative ideas regarding the choice of packaging.


The CD-ROM is the perfect means of storage of presentations, data archives, software and games. We guarantee quick production times with the highest quality standards.


We are able to duplicate any order quantity. Small quantities are processed in our affiliated burning facility. We can offer a 24-hour service for this. Burned CD/R's or DVD/R's are printed in Thermo-Re-Transfer with up to 5 colours (cmyk and white) with indelible lacquer.


The DVD format is available should you need a larger storage capacity; either as DVD-video or DVD-ROM. A DVD makes it possible to archive large data volumes of audio, video and multimedia content.


Blu-ray is the newest format of disk storage. The single-layer BD with 25GB and the double-layer BD with 50GB volumes enable the reproduction of high-definition video material and sound.